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About Wayanad Wind Resorts

WAYANAD WIND is a luxury resort. Located in the area very near to Banasura Sagar Dam & Valley of Banasura hills, that is widely recognized for providing luxurious accommodations and premium amenities. Designed with luxury cottages , WAYANAD WIND has been acclaimed as one of the most romantic places in the region. Our heartfelt hospitality, impeccable service, fine cuisine, amazing river rafting, and eco-experiences make WAYANAD WIND the premier destination in Kerala.

Wayanad Wind offers you one of the most comfortable and elegant stay at Wayanad. Exploring the beauty of Wayanad from this beautiful resort. Designed to maximise your eco pleasure without compromising your comfort, all the accommodation here is nestled deep within Fruit garden, with the rock and terracotta cottages with high ceilings to catch the natural breezes.

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